Redhill Capital is focusing on the investment in

healthcare and life science

Starting a business is like conquering a mountain. Redhill is committed to be the shoulder that entrepreneurs could stand on

Redhill capital is a venture capital institution focusing on the medical and health industry. It was jointly founded by Lu Qinchao, a former Sequoia Capital China fund partner, and Su Zhenbo, a former sharing investment management partner, in early 2018. It continued to cultivate the field of early medical and health care, and systematically arranged high-value consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents, consumer medicine Digital medicine and other innovative medical technologies, as well as innovative drugs, new medical services and other fields.

Redhill capital is committed to repay investors with excellent performance, and hopes to use the power of capital to accelerate the R & D and marketization of modern medical and pharmaceutical technology, so as to improve the medical and health level of the whole people and become a trustworthy and evergreen excellent medical fund management company.

Climbing up, Danlu is always on the road

As the "shoulder" of entrepreneurs and investors, Redhill capital is deeply engaged in the fields of innovative medical technology, innovative drugs and medical services. It is committed to becoming a trusted and influential medical venture capital institution and climbing to the career peak with entrepreneurs.

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