Redhill Capital focuses on investments in

high value medical technology and biotech.

Starting a business is like climbing a mountain.
Redhill is committed to guiding entrepreneurs to the top.

Redhill Capital (“Redhill”) is a venture capital firm focusing on early and growth-stage investments in the field of medical innovation. Redhill was jointly founded in early 2018 by Cherry Lu, a former partner at Sequoia China, and Frank Su, a former partner at Share Capital. Since its inception, Redhill has been a key player in the Chinese healthcare and life science scene, introducing new medical technologies, innovative drugs, and novel medical services.

We aim to leverage capital to accelerate research, development, and market introduction of modern medical and pharmaceutical technologies. Our goal is to improve people’s health and establish ourselves as a trustworthy and evergreen healthcare fund management company.

Redhill is not only committed to repaying investors with excellent performance but also deeply values its corporate social responsibility. In accordance with our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, we make regular charitable contributions to organizations that emphasize environmental protection and social responsibility. This commitment shapes our approach to investment and reflects our responsibility towards a sustainable future.

A spirit of ascension propels us to new heights.

As the "shoulder" of entrepreneurs and investors, Redhill capital is deeply engaged in the fields of innovative medical technology, innovative drugs and medical services. It is committed to becoming a trusted and influential medical venture capital institution and climbing to the career peak with entrepreneurs.

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