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Business plan content reference:

1. company profiles: mainly including company name, establishment time, registered capital, registration. Location, shareholders' situation, main business, staff situation, basic financial situation, recent Development strategy and objectives。

2. management team: mainly including the list of members of the board, and the members of the main management team. Calendar.

3. product (service) presentation: product / service introduction, target market, core Heart technology, research and development strategy.

4. industry and market analysis: mainly including the current situation of the industry, and the future development trend. Potential, market segmentation and positioning.

5. competition analysis: it mainly includes the analysis of the main competitors in the industry. Advantage analysis, etc.。

6. marketing strategy: mainly including product price strategy, sales channel, market promotion. Strategy and so on.

7. business development: mainly include re technology / product development, sales and market development. Progress has been made.

8. financing plan: mainly including the scale of financing and the proportion of shares to be transferred. Gold use plan, exit plan for investors and so on.

9. financial analysis: mainly including the company's historical financial statements, the next 3-5 years of wealth. Forecast, company value assessment, etc.

10. risk control: it includes policy risk, production risk, experience risk and market risk. Risks, financial risks, etc.


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