Redhill Capital is focusing on the investment in

healthcare and life science

Danlu capital firmly believes in the value of professional achievements. Its core management and business team are from well-known venture capital fund management companies in China. Each core partner has nearly 20 years of experience in medical industry and investment. Most of the dozens of medical enterprises invested have grown into industry leaders. Danlu capital insists on grasping the core ability of enterprise driven growth and making forward-looking and independent judgment on enterprise value after in-depth research.

Innovation is the cornerstone of enterprise continuity and can constantly create new value. Its energy can not only radiate to the outside of the enterprise, but also penetrate into the enterprise's objectives, strategies and daily management. For Danlu capital, embracing innovation is not only a part of its business, but also the driving force for "Danlu people" to move forward and develop in their work.

Danlu capital advocates flat management, reduces unnecessary management levels and links, strives to be efficient and transparent, and improves decision-making and management efficiency. In the management process, emphasize self-discipline and self drive, fully authorize, guide and motivate employees to carry out work from bottom to top, independently and creatively.

In the highly competitive capital market, enterprise value, employee value, investor value and project value are unified and complementary to each other. As a venture capital institution focusing on the medical and health industry, Danlu capital has been pursuing common growth and mutual achievements on the basis of trust with employees, investors and invested enterprises, so as to lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term sustainable growth.