Our team comes from top Chinese fund management companies and has a deep
understanding of investment and the healthcare sector.

陆勤超 | Cherry Lu

Founder of Redhill Capital & Executive Partner

Ms. Lu Qinchao has been engaged in marketing and project cooperation in the medical field for many years. She is an early explorer and practitioner in the industry. She has accumulated rich industry knowledge and experience. She founded Redhill capital in early 2018 and served as an executive partner, focusing on early investment in the medical industry for a long time. Since its establishment, Redhill capital has invested in dozens of medical enterprises, many of which have grown into industry leaders, such as Breo (688793), Cofoe medical (301087), Liangyihui, etc. they are deeply rooted in the subdivided fields of the medical industry, have great leading advantages in their respective fields, and their innovation ability is at the forefront of the industry.


苏震波 | Frank Su

Founder of Redhill Capital & Management Partner

Mr. Su Zhenbo has many years of experience in the medical industry. He once worked in the senior management of many well-known medical multinational enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson. He co founded techlink medical, a surgical product company, and led the company to become one of the leading enterprises in the subdivided field. Since 2013, he has served as the managing partner of Shenzhen shared investment medical fund and directly led the investment of more than 10 medical projects. Most of them entered as the earliest institutional investors. At present, he has grown into a leading enterprise in the subdivided industry, including a number of well-known medical enterprises such as Beijing panshengzi (GTH), Guangzhou Maipu (301033. SZ), Beijing tiankeya and Beijing Houkai.


许谦|Gavin Xu

Management Partner and Beijing GM

Mr. Xu brings over two decades of investment experience to Redhill Capital. He has held positions as a partner at Detong Capital, deputy general manager of Fosun Pharmaceutical Investment HQ, and served in institutions like Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua Xingye Investment Management Co., Ltd. During his career, he led investments in industry-leading projects including Huakan Biology, Mengke Pharmaceutical (688373), Shulan Medical, Donglei Brain Science, Liangyihui, Tiankeya Biology, Houkai Medical, Sinopharm Stomatology, and Micro Medicine Group.  Additionally, he has served as a director for Chengdu Information of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beilai Biology, and other companies.


李洁|Jack Li

Partner, Biomedical

Mr. Li has extensive experience in medical and health investments within investment firms. He previously served as the chief medical advisor in the Investment Banking Department of Guangfa Securities and was responsible for Jinshi Investment / Guangzheng Venture Capital Medical. His expertise includes project IPO, industrial mergers, and investments.
He holds a Doctor of Science and Master of Science degree from the Institute of Biophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering degree from Southeast University.