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Danlu completed the first round of closure of RMB phase II medical fund

Media 2021-11-21 15:15:54
According to the news from the investment community (ID: pedaily2012) on August 25, Danlu capital announced today that it had successfully completed the first round of closing of the RMB phase II medical fund, and would continue to focus on the early growth and early investment of innovative medical technology. Danlu capital announced that in addition to the continuous re investment support of Danlu old LP, the fund has also added new capital forces, including listed companies, family funds and well-known individual investors.

Danlu capital was co founded by Lu Qinchao, a former Sequoia Capital China fund partner, and Su Zhenbo, a former sharing investment management partner, in early 2018. The two founding partners have solid medical professional background, medical device industry experience and more than 10 years of successful early medical investment experience. Since its establishment, Danlu capital has systematically arranged in the field of medical investment, including innovative medical technologies such as medical devices, diagnostic reagents and medical AI, as well as innovative drugs and new medical services.

Lu Qinchao, founding and executive partner of Danlu capital, said: "Thank all investors for their continued trust and support. Thank you for every guest and Dan Lu team member who has come to this signing ceremony. Although COVID-19 has added uncertainties to the whole country and even the whole world, especially the overall economic environment, Dan Lu capital has been sticking to its original intention and constantly improving its capability of internal control and team investment. The two phase of the medical fund is RMB. The fund-raising can be completed against the trend according to the expected objectives and schedule, showing the investor's recognition of Danlu's capital investment strength and Danlu's sharp investment vision in the field of medical and health care. "

Su Zhenbo, founding partner of Danlu capital, concluded: "As a typical VC2.0 fund, Danlu capital has officially operated for more than two years and has achieved phased results. The first fund raised has invested in 14 projects, all of which are independently explored, project decision-making, project investment and post investment value-added services by the medical professional investment team of Danlu capital. Up to now, the first phase of Danlu medical fund has been approved by the people's Bank of China Among the investment projects, 7 projects successfully completed the next round of financing, and 2 projects completed the listing application of gem and science and innovation board in mid-2020. "

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