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It invested 370 million yuan a year, doubled the project valuation, and Danlu handed over the achiev

Media 2021-11-21 15:17:43
Recently, the new generation VC Danlu capital focusing on the medical industry held the first LP conference after its establishment, revealing the performance veil of this cutting-edge fund in the past year. Danlu capital was established in 2018. Its two founding partners Lu Qinchao and Su Zhenbo have been engaged in medical industry investment for many years. Lu Qinchao was originally the investment partner of Sequoia Capital China fund, responsible for the investment of Sequoia medical sector. Su Zhenbo has been the managing partner of the shared investment medical fund since 2013. As we all know, China's VC / PE industry has fallen into a capital winter since 2018, but Danlu capital bucked the trend and successfully completed the first phase of fund raising of RMB 500 million. 12 projects have been invested in a year, and the valuation of some projects has doubled. So far, Danlu capital has signed 12 investment projects, of which 4 projects have completed a new round of financing, the valuation of two projects has doubled or higher in subsequent financing, and one project is planning to apply for IPO. In the past one short year, Danlu capital has achieved phased results. At the annual meeting of Danlu capital, the 12 projects invested by Danlu capital made detailed roadshows. Zhou Qichao, founder and CEO of manteia Data Technology Co., Ltd., invested by Danlu capital in September this year, introduced that the adaptive radiotherapy Art (adaptive radiotherapy therapy) system and related product modules developed by Danlu capital have shortened the radiotherapy adaptive time from the current industry level of 60 minutes to 10 minutes, making tumor radiotherapy safer, more accurate and more efficient, Reduce the tedious manual drawing workload of physicists, and greatly improve the efficiency of tumor treatment. Beijing Zhiyuan huitu Technology Co., Ltd., another project invested by Danlu capital in the pre-A round, has tried out the company's products in 116 hospitals, including more than 30 actively used hospitals, applied more than 70000 patients and generated more than 140000 films. In the first half of 2019, the sales volume exceeded one million, and the annual sales volume is expected to be nearly six million. Danlu capital provides post investment services close to the business for the invested projects. For example, Danlu capital introduced the cooperation of a third class hospital for Zhiyuan huitu to try out the company's ophthalmic AI products. As an invested enterprise, Danlu capital has done a lot of work in introducing senior executives, senior technical talents, sorting out the management framework and docking the next round of financing. Target project portrait: with an annual growth of 30% and a single product market size of no less than 2 billion, Lu Qinchao believes that China's medical industry has experienced three upgrades since the 1990s. Before 2000, it was the "me too" stage, pursuing cost performance; Upgrade to "me better" around 2010 and start brand building; Up to now, China's medical industry has entered a truly original era, that is, the so-called "first in class" + cross-border medical innovation. In the field of investment, 70% of Danlu capital is invested in the field of medical technology, including high-value consumables, IVD, medical big data, robots, etc. 30% is invested in the field of medical services and innovative drugs. Danlu capital also pays close attention to the opportunity of overseas technology introduction and return home. Danlu capital has made a clear portrait of the target investment project. First, it must be an innovative technology start-up from the perspective of China; In terms of hard indicators, it is expected that the market scale of a single product in China should be more than 2 billion yuan, with an average growth rate of more than 30% in 10 years; Moreover, the invested enterprises should have the potential to become market leaders. From the perspective of industry distribution, the first heavy position of Danlu capital is medical devices, and more than 60% of the phase I fund is invested in innovative medical devices. The core products of Shenzhen SANOS, Shenzhen Weituo biology and other companies invested have the world's leading technology.

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